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1v1 LOL is a third-person shooting game combined with simulation of building platforms, ramps and walls to aid in defense and gain an advantage.

Defeat enemies

Your main goal is to defeat your enemies and take the winning platform. Before starting the game, clearly define your role in the match. Choose a position and a champion that suits your play style and start the game. To better understand the characteristics of each character in terms of skills, strengths, and weaknesses, please take a look at the game instructions.

Entering a battle between two teams, the team that kills all opposing teams will become the winner. Also, don't forget to focus on harvesting creeps to earn gold. Gold will help you buy powerful equipment to overcome your opponents. At the same time, harvesting creeps also helps you maintain dominance on the winning platform.

How to control

Left Mouse Button: Use for shooting or construction. You can left click to attack opponents or build defensive structures.

WASD: Used to move your character. W key to go forward, A to go left, S to go back and D to go right.

Space bar: Press the Space key to make the character jump. This can help you overcome obstacles or give you an advantage in combat.

Shift: Use the Shift key to squat. When you squat, you can reduce your visibility and move more smoothly.

Z, X, C, V or Y: You can use these keys to switch between building platforms. They allow you to build defensive structures such as walls, floors, stairs, and doors.

F, 1 or 2: Use these keys to switch between weapons. You can quickly choose the right weapon to attack or defend yourself.

R: Press the R key to rotate stairs or reload weapons. This helps you customize building structures or reload weapons after running out of ammo.

G: Use the G key to create doors on building platforms. This allows you to move between floors conveniently.

E: Press the E key to open the door. This allows you to access other rooms or structures in the game.

Common modes

BR Duos (2v2 battle royale): This is a mode where you can participate in a 2v2 battle royale battle. You will be paired with another player to fight against other rival teams. Your goal is to destroy the entire opposing team and become the last survivor.

1v1: This mode focuses on 1v1 matches, where you will go head-to-head with another player. You can choose your favorite generals and fight in a single arena. The goal is to destroy your opponents and prove your skills in individual matches.

Box 2v2: This mode creates a 2v2 match in a limited environment. You and your teammates will be imprisoned in a box and must fight against a rival couple. Combat and cooperation skills are important factors to win in this mode.