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Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze is a new geometry version with bone-chilling chills. Every danger in this dashing version will leave you paralyzed by the difficulty.

Bone-Chilling Chills

The geometry game series is an extremely popular game series over the past decade. Most online players experience this game once. Now, a new version is released called Geometry Dash Breeze. Why does this new geometry version have such a unique name?

The name comes from the game's theme: bone-chilling chills. When participating in this geometry game, players will participate in extreme challenges with high difficulty. Through that, players can understand the feeling of extreme difficulty. Many players cannot conquer the challenges in this Breeze version. Can you become one of the first conquerors?

Geometry Dash Breeze Details

To bring interesting experiences, this geometry version is upgraded compared to Geometry Dash SubZero. Instead of one level, you can experience 3 levels in Geometry Dash Breeze.

Three Breeze Levels

The three levels in this Geometry Dash Breeze game are: Over The Clouds, Into The Zone, and Ghost Ship. Through the names of the levels, you can also see the difference in theme. Each level of this geometry game has a unique theme so as not to create duplication. You can go on adventures in the air in level 1, but in level 2, you enter the world of a mysterious land. At level 3, players discover a new world: the world of mysterious ships.

Controls Of Geometry Dash Breeze

The controls of this geometry version are similar to other geometry versions. You simply use the left mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow to control your character's movement. Every level of Geometry Dash Breeze uses this method of movement.