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Play Battleship to engage in ship wars with powerful missiles. Launch your missiles into your opponent's area to destroy all enemy warships.

The Battle Game Series

Welcome to an action game on the vast ocean! Typically, action games often bring players to a tense arena with many players. Players will fight together to become the ruler of the map. This gameplay also applies to this Battleship game.

Online games of this genre often have many unique characteristics. First, have at least two players to participate in online battles. Second, battles only end when there is only one player left on the map. As a result, the competitions in these fighting games are often intense to find a winner. On our website, this Battleship game is the first fighting game. Previously, our website often focused on running games like Geometry Dash Online. Now, you can enjoy a new genre of online games.

Details Of Battleship

This first action game takes you to a special battle arena: the ocean.

Ocean Battle Arena

In Battleship, players will participate in sea battles with two modes: Classic and Advanced. No matter which mode you join, the sea arena opens before your eyes. The difference between the two modes is the difficulty of the opponent. Regarding the arena, there is a 15x15 board on the sea surface. With this invisible net, players can place their warships. In addition, your opponents can also do the same with their warships.

The beginning of this battle arena is simple. You and your opponent will operate in a limited space. In particular, this arena will not change over time and mode. The change is the arrangement of your warships.

How to Arrange Warships

This Battleship game offers 6 warships for any player. You can arrange these ships anywhere on the 15x15 board. In particular, you can arrange ships vertically or horizontally using the Rotate button.

Arranging warships is extremely easy but players need to think carefully. You need to place warships in difficult positions to protect your ships from enemy attacks.

How to Attack in a Battleship

This fighting game will take place in turn order. After an enemy's turn, you can attack before moving on to the enemy's turn again. To attack, you just need to select any square on the playing board. After that, a missile will be launched and destroy that square. If a ship is in that location, you can destroy part of the ship. Then, destroy the remaining ship parts to complete an objective.

With the gameplay of Battleship, players need to have high judgment ability to predict the location of enemy ships. The player who destroys 6 enemy ships first will win.

Tips For Battleship

Through the important information above, players can draw some effective strategies for these sea matches.

First, players need to arrange warships in the most suitable positions. Ideally, players should place ships in many locations in many different directions. Second, when attacking, you should attack in multiple areas until you destroy part of a ship. After that, focus on the squares around this area to completely destroy that ship.