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Introducing the game Duck Life

Duck Life is a game that trains you to raise and train adorable ducks. Join the game and train your duck clan to become strong and win all the races.

Coming to the game, you will raise a duck to undergo training courses to develop its playing career. After going through the training courses, you will officially participate in tournaments and you will receive valuable coins. Use those coins to buy more ducks to continue developing the strongest duck squad. To do that, what do you need to go through? Let's find out right below!

Exciting training sessions

To have a lot of energy to participate in competitions, you need to practice through exercises corresponding to different mini-games.

Practice running: You will control your duck to run through underground stairs. The stairs will move continuously. If your duck doesn't run fast, it will get stuck behind and the running course will end. If you want to continue this running session you can start the game again to continue your training.

Reflexes: In this exercise you will have to control the duck to avoid dangerous obstacles falling from above. Before an obstacle falls, warning signs will appear, please pay attention and quickly avoid these obstacles. In addition to the warning signs, there will be money signs. Try to collect the coins but also pay attention because behind the coins is a hailstorm that you need to avoid.

Overcoming obstacles: In this practice part, you will have to control your duck to overcome dangerous rocks. Numbers will be printed on each rock that the duck needs to pass. Click on those numbers to help the duck jump over the obstacles.

Running is just one of the exercises your duck needs to practice, in addition there are other subjects that need to be practiced such as swimming, flying, jumping, and climbing. In all of these subjects, there are small games to help your duck practice more comprehensively. All of the above exercises will help your duck improve its training level. When reaching a high level, ducks will definitely be confident to participate in competitions and win top 1.

Upgrade your training squad

One duck will not be able to participate in big competitions, so upgrade to multiple ducks to participate in bigger competitions together. With the gold you have, you can recruit other ducks and start training them. After training to achieve high levels, start letting the ducks participate in races. These races include a lot of talented ducks training every day, so it's worth participating to see where your ducks are at and what extra practice they need.

Many character designs in Duck Life

Just like the great upgrades in the game Geometry Dash Online, the ducks in the game can also be changed and upgraded into many different designs. You will be able to freely choose the character's color and buy unique outfits and many different styles for the ducks. On the other hand, the funny shapes of ducks will help you identify your duck more easily during races. Try to train and upgrade your ducks with the most special outfits!