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Play Merge Cakes to create the ultimate wedding cake and discover tons of new cakes. With the merging mission, you can create new cakes continuously.

Merging Game Introduction

Merging games are increasingly popular in the gaming world with many famous games. A good example is Merge Melons where players merge fruits to create precious watermelons. In games in this merging genre, players can experience intellectual battles to win as many points as possible. This gameplay seems to run through all merging games.

In addition to gameplay, players can also enjoy amazing and eye-catching graphics. You can see this feature clearly through both Merge Cakes and Merge Melons. Delicious cakes and fresh fruits always appear throughout the game.

Gameplay Of Merge Cakes

This new puzzle game has different gameplay compared to the previous merging game. Let's discover how to create these delicious cakes!

How to Make Cakes

This Merge Cakes game starts with 6 squares where the cakes are created. To start, the game will give you a tray with a hidden cake. Open this tray and explore it. After that, you can create new cakes by clicking on the tray in the center. When you reach enough clicks, a new cake will be provided to you and you can merge two identical cakes to create a new cake. With these new cakes, you can earn more coins and you can use coins to unlock new cakes in the Shop section. This merging is easy but there are some notes for all players.

Notes For Merge Cakes

First, the number of squares is limited, so you cannot unlock more than 6 trays. To increase the number of these squares, you need to reach a higher level. In addition, you also need to merge cakes to save space.

Second, cakes that have appeared on the game screen can appear in the Shop section. Therefore, you cannot unlock cakes with a level higher than your current level.