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Drive Mad plays the role of an adventure driver, ready to conquer dramatic challenges on the racetrack. Your goal is to reach your destination intact.

Specifically about the gameplay

Reach your destination safely

You will experience fast and intense races on the streets. You will drive through diverse areas such as cities, deserts, mountains and jungles. Each area has its own attractions, with stunning landscapes and challenging hurdles.

Take on the challenge of getting your car to the finish line intact without any scratches or overturning. During the move, if unfortunately the car has a problem, the game system will not recognize it and you need to start over from the beginning.

Overcome obstacles

On the road, you may encounter many obstacles that prevent you from reaching the finish line. Depending on the level or situation, you can choose to crash through them or move slowly to avoid making mistakes. Each player will have many different ways to play, but the main goal is to reach the finish line safely.

Vehicle control

Use left/right arrow keys to go back/forward. The speed gradually increases if you hold the key longer than moving normally.

Diverse levels for players

Drive Mad has many levels for players, the levels corresponding to increasing difficulty. At this point, players need to apply all of their knowledge and experience to complete the challenge. Continuously completing challenges keeps you hooked into the fun and makes it hard to stop. Like Merge Melons, it is also impossible to stop until the box is full, making it impossible for you to stop.