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Introducing the game is a crazy entertaining game where you will swallow it all. Join the game and become the biggest cosmic black hole that can manipulate the entire city.

If you have ever participated in incremental games, you will see that the game has a few similar characteristics. Starting the game you will be a small hole, to grow into a bigger hole you need to attract everything you can into your hole. The hole in the game has no bottom, which means it never gets full, it just gets bigger. Let's find out what the hole you control will attract!

Suck it all into the hole

The game is based on the context of a current city, where there are many objects, tall buildings, people, and many other things. With the initial size of the hole, choose something easy to smoke such as people, light poles, and containers. After your hole gets bigger, you start aiming for bigger targets like cars, trees, buildings, and even sucking up other holes that are smaller in size than you. Look for locations with many easy-to-smoke objects such as scrap yards or collapsed buildings... Try to observe and aim for everything your hole can suck.

Compete with other holes

The game has many players participating so there will be many different holes that will compete with you on the same plane. Try to develop your pit to be able to compete with bigger pits. To maintain development, you should also be wary of opponents larger than you, try to dodge as quickly as possible when you see large holes approaching you.

To survive longer and grow faster, you need to attack other holes. Thanks to tips and flexible, agile movement skills, you can attract other holes. Then your hole will grow significantly. Here you can participate in games similar to 2.

Unlock special holes

After progressing in the game you will receive bonuses, use this money to unlock special holes with many cute shapes. The holes are shaped like familiar animals like rabbits, bears, sharks or fun shapes like clowns. In addition to the stone pits, you will unlock many different maps.

How to play: Use the mouse to move the hole to all locations on the map.