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OvO Dimensions

Exploring OvO Dimensions

Let's try OvO Dimensions which immerses you in a captivating 3D world. You are tasked with exploring wonderful lands filled with dangers and coins.

Epic adventures through dynamic maps

The objective of the game is simple yet challenging. In this game, you need to survive as long as possible by avoiding obstacles and collecting glowing orbs. The arena is filled with black orbs that must be skillfully avoided, as colliding with them causes you to shrink. To counteract this, you must collect the glowing orbs scattered throughout the arena. By doing so, you increase in size, making it easier to maneuver and survive through the increasingly difficult levels.

In addition, like Parkour Race, this game introduces you to its levels gradually, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and the challenges that lie ahead. The initial levels serve as a learning curve, presenting straightforward obstacles and a smaller number of black orbs. This introductory phase ensures that players grasp the fundamentals of the game before progressing to more demanding stages.

How to control

If you want to guide your character to run to the left or right, press the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to jump over obstacles, press an up arrow key.

If you want to slide down to dodge dangers, press the down arrow key.

If you want to smash, press an up arrow key and a down arrow key.

The skin shop of OvO Dimensions

If you want to showcase your personality, you should customize your character. The Skin Shop is an ideal place where you can purchase various skins. There are a total of 16 skins sold in the Skin Shop. They are Default, Electrical, Pole, Pink Guy, OvO+, Knight, Dark Knight, Light Knight, Astronaut, Alien, Erigato, Batter, Adalich, The Fallen, Pulse, Materwelon, and so on. Let's choose your favorite skin before starting your adventure in wonderful lands in this game.