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About 3Dash

3Dash is an extremely interesting reflex game designed in 3D. The viewing angles in the game will bring you a completely new and challenging gaming space.

Dizzying playing angle

If you are looking for a game to challenge your brain's balance, join this 3Dash game right away. In the game, you will still control a geometric block similar to the Geometry Dash Wave game and control it to overcome obstacles. But in this game with a breakthrough in 3D design, you will rely on rotation angles in space to control geometric blocks to overcome obstacles. Normally 2D Geo games challenge players, but coming to 3D space, the challenge will be doubled by dizzying playing angles. These playing corners will be moved around and take geometric shapes as the main point, let's explore this interesting space right now!

Conquer levels of play

Stunning spaces and new challenges lie at all levels of play. Please open all levels in the game one by one to explore attractive game spaces. Each level will take you to beautiful spaces and differently designed obstacles. Do you have enough perseverance to conquer all the levels in this game?

How to play: Click to jump over obstacles.

Unique 3D design

With an extremely impressive 3D design, all obstacles, geometric blocks, or surrounding space will amaze players. All create a lively and challenging playing environment. To overcome all the obstacles, practice getting used to the 3D space in the game. When you understand the changing rules of playing angles, it will be easier for you to control geometric blocks to overcome obstacles.