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Geometry Dash Wave

About Geometry Dash Wave

Geometry Dash Wave is a clicker game to control blocks through zigzagging paths. Choose your favorite game mode and start this exhilarating adventure.

Your goal in this game is to control the geometry to overcome all dangerous zigzag lines, so you need to train yourself some skills to be able to pass these lines more easily. The skill that you need to pay attention to is the reflex skill, click at the right time so that the geometry does not go out of direction. Controlling the geometry in the right direction without colliding with obstacles will be the most important factor for you to maintain until the end of the level. Obstacles will appear more and more densely, so carefully observe the moving path to make reasonable jumps.

Differences between levels

In the game you will experience different levels, with the later levels the difficulty is raised to a new level. You can participate in all levels without having to complete the first level. Each level will give you different challenges and unique designs. To pass a level in this game also requires time to practice. Many levels of play will give you new and more interesting experiences, let's explore all the levels to see if you can pass all of these levels!

Features of the game Geometry Dash Wave

The game has interesting features that you can easily recognize when participating in the game. First to mention is the beautifully designed graphics, the highlight being the challenging road frames and eye-catching lines when moving geometric blocks. In addition, vibrant music creates more motivation for you to conquer all levels of play.

Geometry Dash Wave game has addictive and different gameplay compared to classic games like Geometry Dash Lite. In this game, you will have to click and release the mouse to control the direction of the geometric block.