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Introducing the game Granny

Granny is a game that challenges your courage when facing a crazy old woman. You will have 5 days to escape imprisonment in the scary house managed by granny.

Game background

The game is staged in a deserted wooden house managed by a scary grandmother. She is like an evil woman who wants to trap you in the house without letting you escape. She has a large figure and always has a baseball bat in her hand. In this game, you will play the role of the person imprisoned by her. You need to escape as quickly as possible from her captivity. The time you need to plan your escape is 5 days.

How to escape?

To escape from the evil old lady you need to carefully plan and prepare your every move. You should pay attention that when you move from one room to another to find the exit and clues for the next steps you need to move gently. Any loud noise will attract grandma's attention. When she appears, you need to quickly move out of her sight by hiding under a bed, in a cabinet, or a box so she can't see you. Don't hide behind the door because she can open the door and easily discover you. Take advantage of the time when she leaves to look for the key and find the door to help you escape.

Grandma set a trap

In addition to your grandmother's fearful searching eyes, you need to be careful of the dangerous traps set by her. After each noise is detected, the grandmother will quickly move to the location of the noise and leave a very dangerous bear trap. Destroy those traps to keep moving, don't get caught in the trap if you don't want to end the day quickly.

Granny playing skills

The skills to escape and observe in the game are very important, but in addition you need to have some trick skills to be able to escape more easily. There will be days when you have to find a way to attract grandma to come because you can't open the door to move to the next room. Observe what objects in your room you can use, use them to attract your grandmother, after she leaves the door will be open and this is the time for you to start running away. Use all skills flexibly to quickly run away from the old woman. Remember, you only have 5 days to escape, so constantly find ways and learn from experience for the next days to be able to escape successfully.

In addition to the skills of using tricks, you need to master control skills. The following are the playing keys that you need to practice:

  • Use WASD keys to run away
  • Use C key to crouch and stand
  • Use movie E to pick up objects and interact with them
  • Use R key to hide and unhide
  • Use spacebar to drop
  • Use the F key to remove or set bear traps
  • Left click to attack when there are objects in hand such as spray cans