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Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is an expanded version of Geometry Dash Online. It brings a new adventure with new levels, new music, new monsters and new everything.

Explore the colorful world of rhythm

Complete the missions

Do not touch obstacles

Continue with rhythm-based platform action mechanics where players must jump, fly and flip through dark caves and thorny obstacles. Explore new lands, play online levels and search for hidden secrets in the World.

Collect coins

Throughout the gameplay, the player can collect coins placed along the way. Collecting coins is not necessary, but this is also a challenge for players who want to conquer them. Most of these coins appear unexpectedly and you may miss them, so this is also considered a difficult challenge.

Conquer time

At the same time, once you know how to conquer the entire challenge, next conquer the execution time and number of retries. Conquering the challenge as quickly as possible with as few retries as possible helps you be named in the list of the top best players. Do you wish and desire to become a champion to conquer the top table in this competition?

World levels of World

Dashlands is the beginning of the challenge. It offers a colorful and dynamic world, with diverse obstacles and unique designs. It includes a series of different levels, including Payload, Beast Mode, Machina, Years and Frontlines. Each level in Dashlands offers a unique and exciting design, along with complex obstacles and requires quick reactions and concentration from the player.

Toxic Factory is the second half of the challenge. It takes players into a toxic factory with a gloomy atmosphere and dangerous obstacles. It includes a series of levels, including Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1 and Monster Dance Off. Each level in Toxic Factory offers a unique environment and challenge. Toxic Factory's design focuses on creating a dark and high-pressure space, with unique mechanisms and obstacles associated with industrial environments. Players will have to show concentration and quick reactions to overcome formidable challenges in Toxic Factory.

Compare World with Geometry Dash Online

Expansion content: World adds new gameplay, including Dashlands and Toxic Factory. This provides additional levels and content for players to explore, expanding the gaming experience.

Improved graphics: World may have improved graphics compared to the original version. There could be special effects and better designs, making the game more visually appealing.

Exclusive Music: World may feature exclusive and additional music tracks, bringing new and exciting music to players. This creates musical variety and motivation for passing levels.

User interface improvements: World can improve the user interface, making the game easier to use and providing clearer information about in-game features and options.

Updates and patches: World may provide updates and patches to improve the gaming experience and fix technical issues or bugs in the original version.