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Introducing the game Knife Smash

Knife Smash is an arcade game that requires precision and meticulousness when playing. You must launch all knives at the target spinning in the air.

Your mission when you start playing

Imagine that you are a professional knife thrower. Your target will spin and rotate at different speeds that you cannot predict. You must hit the target to break it and advance to harder levels. Through each level, the difficulty will gradually increase, meaning your task will be more difficult because there will be more obstacles. You need to be more focused to hit the target without being thrown into positions where there were knives before.

Master knife-throwing techniques

You must carefully time it and aim accurately to score points. Each level presents different challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome, requiring you to adjust your strategy and techniques accordingly to overcome difficult levels. With practice and perseverance, you too can hone your skills and become a master knife thrower, achieving high scores and unlocking new levels in the process.

Unlock different knife sets

You can buy many different shaped knives by hitting apples placed on targets. Collecting as many apples as possible is equivalent to being able to buy more types of knives that you love. Each type of knife will have different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn about them, cut a lot of apples to explore these different types of knives.

Conquer levels in the game Knife Smash

The game has many levels and challenges of varying difficulty and difficulty. From simple circular targets to complex spinning wheels, you must progress through a series of increasingly difficult levels to reach the top level. You may encounter obstacles that are moving or turning backward or forwards, requiring you to have quick reflexes to avoid being tricked.

The game is designed with vivid graphics, fast-paced, and addictive gameplay, creating a great experience for players. You can try this fun game with your friends and family. Besides, you can experience the game Geometry Dash Online to enjoy the great music and unique gameplay of this game.