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Bridge Race is an innovative bridge-building racing game where players compete to collect colorful blocks and use them to build bridges across gaps.

Bridge Race: Bridge building competition

The goal is to move quickly across the map, collect blocks and build bridges before your opponents can do the same. Players need to be wary of bandits, opponents who try to sabotage your bridge or steal your colored blocks.

Use your creativity and thinking to build a bridge from the starting point to the destination. Bridges are built by tapping the screen to create horizontal bars, forming a solid structure for the player and other main characters to traverse.

The bridge cannot be built too long or too short, because otherwise it will not be able to overcome obstacles or fall into the air. Determine the right timing and length to create the perfect bridge.

Bonus points awarded at the end of each challenge

At the end of each challenge there is always a table with multiplied points. How many points you get depends on how high you fall from the air. The farther the distance from where you are standing and the ground, the more points you get and vice versa. Distances closer to the ground can only receive fewer points. So build the bridge very high if you want to award a lot of points.

The point bonus feature also appears in Knife Smash, giving you a surprise. You cannot predict the score because there are always incidents happening. The unexpected joy of receiving extra points creates a feeling of suspense for players.