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Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

Join Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

Are you ready for Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure? Take control of Wubbzy to run to his house and collect as many screws as possible while evading dangers.

The wonderful journey

The story starts when the robots in the factory of Wubbzy explode. To repair these robots, Wubbzy needs to find the screws. Let's click the Start button to start his journey now. In this adventure, you need to guide your character to run, jump, and collect screws. You need to pick up as many screws as possible. Note that these screws play as your lives. If you run out of screws and crash into the obstacles along the way, you will lose the game. Therefore, try not to collide with the hazards and reach the house as soon as possible. This game includes three stages corresponding to three adventures. Each stage features a unique map and enemies. After completing the adventures in this game, you can check out Duck Life which also offers an exciting journey.

All dangers

The elements that make the adventures in this game more thrilling are the dangers. In each stage, you need to watch out for a distinct hazard. Here is the list of obstacles and some useful tips to evade them.

  • Eggs: The eggs will appear in Stage 1. They will drop from the sky or fly from right to left. If you hit an egg, you will lose one screw. Therefore, attempt to jump as high as possible to dodge these eggs.
  • Chick Robots: You will encounter chick robots in Stage 2. They can run or fly around. If you crash into a chick robot, you will lose two screws. Moreover, the chick robot will disappear after you collide with it.
  • Giant Chicken Robots: The giant robot will emerge in Stage 3. It is able to shoot eggs and chick robots at you. The only way to defeat this boss is to jump on its head.

How to control

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide Wubbzy to move around.

Use an up arrow key to guide Wubbzy to jump.