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× 2 tries to conquer as much territory as possible by drawing it. Move your character around the map and draw circles to create your own territory.

Area competition in 2

In this competition, your goal is to occupy the largest area on the map compared to other competitors. Draw and expand your land by moving your vehicle through empty boxes on the map. At the same time, pay attention to other opponents, because anyone who touches your colored strip will cause you to lose a life.

To achieve high scores, create a smart and agile strategy in moving and occupying the area. Try to protect your land and prevent opponents from approaching. If you kill your opponent by crossing their color strip or waiting for your opponent to touch yours, you will have a chance to expand your area quickly.

Refresh yourself by changing your outfit in 2

There are many costumes for you to choose from in many different genres. Each skin will be unlocked when you achieve a certain achievement. The points you earn and accumulate from previous competitions will be added and converted into new skins. Let your character wear new costumes to create freshness and appeal in the next competitions.

Outfits with many different striking colors help you stand out more in the arena and make battles fresher and less stressful. If you love games with such a variety of colors, I think you should not miss Merge Cakes, the game has beautiful graphics along with many equally complex patterns. You will be lost by the beauty of the game and cannot take your eyes off them.