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Merge Melons

Play Merge Melons online to participate in fruit battles to get a huge watermelon. How many watermelons can you gain with this merging game?

Theme Of Merge Melons

Welcome to the fruit-combining process to create giant watermelons! The main game theme is combining fruits to create diverse and rich fruits. Players will work to collect points from merging fruits. The game may focus on the merging process where players may face challenges and have to find solutions.

The Merge Melons theme creates an agricultural feel with fruits. However, with puzzle gameplay, players can experience educational challenges. This online game can encourage players' creativity and exploration in creating new fruits.

In short, the main theme of the Merge Melons game is merging fruits and creating new fruits. This game gives players the experience of the merging process and creativity in fruit development.

Merging Instructions

This Merge Melons game offers puzzle gameplay with eye-catching fruits. To conquer this puzzle game, players need to understand two basic elements: Mission and Control.

Merge Melons Mission

This online game offers endless fruits. Your task is to drop fruits into suitable positions. You need to make sure that two similar fruits can touch each other. If this happens, you can create a new and larger fruit. In addition, you can receive points from this merging process.

The mission of Merge Melons is simple for all players of all ages. In particular, it is suitable for students to challenge their thinking ability to make appropriate dropping decisions.

However, your merging mission will face many challenges. Unlike Geometry Dash Online, you don't need to fight time and the fast pace. Instead, you can think indefinitely. This Merge Melons game ends only when you touch the finish line.

Merging Finish Line

In Merge Melons, there is an ending line that marks the end of the games. As you drop fruit, the fruits will gradually fill up on the playing board. With limited space and an ever-increasing number of fruits, the fruits can reach the finish line at any time. As a result, this merging game will end immediately. After finishing, you can get the corresponding score.

To avoid reaching the finish line, players should prioritize merging fruits to save space. In addition, always arranging the fruits in order also brings you benefits.

Controls of Merge Melons

To control this puzzle game, players just need to use their mouse to move the fruit and click to drop it. The location of the fruit drop is extremely important because it determines the merging process. You should think about the drop position and the bouncing force of the fruit. Based on these two factors, players can conquer Merge Melons more easily.