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Introduction to Candy Jump

Candy Jump is an arcade game that invites you on an exciting journey of colorful candies. The candy will change color continuously to create difficulty for you when playing.

How to play

You will control a lovely candy and try to overcome all the challenges to score the most points. Each obstacle has its challenge for you and the higher you climb, the more difficult the obstacle becomes. Your candy will have to move continuously. You must try to keep your candy from hitting objects that have a different color than the candy. If the candy hits an object of a different color, your candy will be lost. will immediately explode, equivalent to the game over.

By clicking your mouse, you can control the height and trajectory of the candy to navigate through each level with ease. As you progress in the game through each level, you will encounter a variety of special power-ups and candies that can help you reach new heights and overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Outstanding features to attract players


One of the game's standout features is its vibrant and visually stunning world. The game's designers have expertly created a delicious candy-themed universe that's a treat to the eye. From the colorful backdrops to the meticulously designed candies and platforms, every element of the game exudes a sense of fun and playfulness.


The game's mechanics are smooth and responsive, ensuring that every jump and movement feels precise and satisfying. Intuitive controls, allow you to quickly adapt and focus on the challenges at hand.


With countless levels to conquer, each offering its challenges and obstacles, you'll find yourself constantly striving to reach new heights and unlock new achievements.

Besides, the game combines a variety of power-ups and special abilities to add depth and strategy to the gameplay. With unique gameplay combined with beautiful graphics, the game Merge Melons will not disappoint you.

How to control

Use the mouse.