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2048 Giant

Simple Mechanics of 2048 Giant

Welcome to 2048 Giant which is an awesome puzzle game. Shoot the tiles and combine two identical tiles to get a new one with a higher number.

If you are looking for merging games such as Merge Melons or Merge Cakes, you should take a look at this game now. In this game, you are required to shoot the tiles to make them hit other tiles on the board. These tiles must have the same number. The new tile with a higher number will be created after two identical tiles hit each other. Besides numbered tiles, there are many stones on the board. If you want to eliminate these stones, you need to combine the tiles next to them. In addition, the giant guy standing next to the board is very hungry. You should attempt to combine the tiles containing the candies to feed the giant guy.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button and release it to shoot the tiles.

Effective tips to master 2048 Giant

Rotate the board

The first tip I want to suggest is to rotate the board. You can rotate the board to find suitable tiles that can be merged with the tiles on your slingshot. You should prioritize the tiles next to the stones to remove them. Try not to let the board be filled with tiles if you do not want to lose.

Make combos

If you want to gain the highest score, you should make combos. It means that you need to combine many tiles at the same time. At this time, you will claim not only the total number of merged tiles but also bonus points. It is possible to say that this is the best way to earn the best record in the game.