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Crossy Road

Play Crossy Road to control your chicken to cross roads, forests, and rivers using the arrow keys. You can collect coins and unlock new characters.

About Crossy Road

When you join this online game, you will control an adorable chicken to cross dangerous roads, forests, and rivers. Your task is to go as far as possible, overcome obstacles, and collect coins in Crossy Road.

How To Control Your Chicken

In Crossy Road, you use the arrow keys to control your chicken. This control way is similar to Granny. You need quick reflexes and concentration to make sure the chicken is not crushed by vehicles, trains, or other obstacles. Each time you successfully pass a path, you will be awarded points.

The Endless Gameplay

The special feature of Crossy Road is its timelessness. There is no end goal and you just need to go as far as possible. The game has no time or level limits, allowing you to go on unlimited adventures.

Rewards Of Crossy Road

Besides overcoming obstacles, Crossy Road also provides opportunities for you to collect coins during gameplay. Coins can be used to unlock new and exciting characters, like chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish, and many other animals. Each character has special abilities and a unique appearance, creating diversity and fun for the game.