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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game, known as T-Rex Run, is a simple but addictive minigame integrated into the Google Chrome browser and now it's available on online platforms.

About Dinosaur Game

Story and Gameplay

In this Dinosaur Game, you play the role of a dinosaur (usually a T-Rex) and your adventure begins when you start pressing the spacebar. Your dinosaur will run automatically from the left side of the screen to the right and your task is to help it avoid obstacles by jumping over them.

Score Of Dinosaur Game

The T-rex Game has no end goal and the players try to run as far as possible. Your score is calculated based on the distance you ran before colliding with the obstacle. Your goal is to try to run as far as possible and set a personal record.

More Game Comments

Dinosaur Game has a difficulty level that increases the longer you play. The dinosaur's running speed will increase and obstacles will appear with higher complexity. This requires you to have quick reactions and a good rhythm to avoid collisions.

Dinosaur Game is a compact and fun game to bring players moments of entertainment. Through this online game, you can challenge yourself with a simple but addictive game. Give it a try and see how far you can run in this Dinosaur Game world!

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