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Doodle Jump

About Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an extremely exciting fast-paced jumping game. Join the game and control the cute character to jump on the cushions to reach sky-high positions.

Get familiar with the dance pads

Coming to the game, you will control the character to jump up densely designed cushions. Observe and find the steps closest to you to move through so you don't miss any jumps. Jumping pads will be designed in two basic styles: solid jumping pads and temporary jumping pads. Permanent jump pads are depicted in blue and temporary jump pads are depicted in brown. When you jump on sturdy jumping cushions, you can comfortably jump on them without fear of breaking them. For temporary pads, you can only jump on them once to gain momentum, if you miss the rhythm you will fall down.

Support received as you climb higher

Once you get used to the pace, you will advance to higher positions and there will be more challenges for you, but don't worry because the higher you go, the more great help you will have. The first aids are springs arranged on some jumping pads, followed by more modern items which are rockets, pinwheel hats, spring shoes, jumping plates, and some great aids. another great thing. The main characteristic of these supports is to help your character fly and jump higher. The higher you jump, the more your score will increase. Try to control your character to jump even higher to get the top 1 position in the rankings.

Doodle Jump Online

The Doodle Jump game is popular on both computers and phones so you can access it anytime on our web browser. The game is not only a healthy and interesting entertainment online game, but it also helps you train your reflexes effectively. That's why the game is suitable for all ages to participate in.

To control characters in computer games, use the arrow keys or WASD keys. Control the character on the phone, touch to jump.