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About to Geo Dash

Geo Dash is an endless jumping game of geometric blocks. To explore all the Worlds you need to go through many challenges and dangerous obstacles.

The game offers players new levels of play with many new experiences. Different from other games of the same type like Geometry Dash Breeze, and Geometry Dash Lite the Geo Dash game brings you a mystery about New Worlds. The game has a total of 5 Worlds, each World will include 10 levels. After passing 10 levels in World 1, you can continue to World 2 and continue like that until World 5.

When participating in the game, you will see the difference between the levels, from sound to graphics and flexible arrangement of obstacles. The important thing is your skillful movement to pass all the levels. The game has a lot of interesting things in the following levels, hopefully, you will have enough perseverance and practice to explore all the Worlds.

How to control

Similar to other Geo games, to move geometric blocks you just need to click. If participating on your phone, click on the screen to make the geometric block jump. The game has intuitive controls and vivid graphics suitable for everyone who loves conquest.