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About Geo Slash

Geo Slash is a simple but extremely engaging entertaining game. With the agility of your mouse-holding hands, control the geometric block to slash all obstacles.

Coming to the game, you will relax when controlling an agile geometric block. Your task in this game is to slash and remove other geometric blocks. To do this, you first need to understand how other geometric shapes move. The geometry you control is white, the remaining geometry is purple. The purple geometric block will create white dots. These dots are like bullets. When they collide many times, the geometric block you control will explode. So you should control your white block to run quickly through the purple blocks to break them and prevent them from creating white bullets. The ultimate goal is to break as many purple geometric blocks as possible to score the highest score.

Outstanding features of the game Geo Slash

The game creates an extremely new entertainment space without any stress for players. The game does not have many confusing rules but instead has easy mouse movements. With simple sound and graphics, it gives you a comfortable and not too chaotic playing space. If you are looking for a game to kill time and reduce stress, join Geo Slash now.