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Geometrical Dash

About Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash is a very fun clicker game. Coming to the game, you will experience thrilling gameplay when controlling a block that is constantly moving.

Geo games always bring you challenging levels. In this Geometrical Dash game, you will also explore a geometric world with more challenges. The game is divided into 6 different levels. Each level will have a map with themes for you to explore and conquer.

If in the first game mode, you simply control geometric blocks through obstacles with simple, one-time clicks, then in the second game mode you will get acquainted with a new style of play. In the second mode, you must use mattresses to help geometric shapes overcome obstacles with high jumps. At level 3, to control the geometry over obstacles, you need to click many times so the geometry can jump higher. In the next levels, you will discover great combinations of previous levels. When you complete the levels with all 3 stars in each level, your clicking skills and reflexes will reach a new level so you can participate in more difficult Geo games like Geometry Dash Bloodbath.

You will control the movement of the geometry by clicking the mouse. Choose the right position and time to click so the geometry does not collide with obstacles.

Collect coins in Geometrical Dash

Your adventure in the game will have new challenges when you collect all the coins on the track. To overcome obstacles is difficult when the moving speed of the geometric blocks is quite fast, you also need to promptly collect coins to open up new attractive blocks. You can buy any geometric blocks you like to increase your playing experience.