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Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying

Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying focuses on flying, controls cube, a familiar character, to complete challenges without touching any obstacles.

Extraordinary flying challenge!

Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying is a version designed with an easy level of game difficulty, suitable for new players, helping players practice and increase their playing ability.

Like many other versions, help our main character, cube, successfully complete the challenge without encountering any obstacles. By flying, adjust your character to fly in space and don't fall or crash into obstacles.

The difficulty of this game is that you always have to click the mouse or screen to keep the character flying. The more you click, the higher it flies. As long as you don't click, it will immediately fall. Adjust your flying ability so you don't hit any obstacles or in tight spaces.

Another special feature in this version is the sparkling effect, not only on the characters but also on the space. This effect appears throughout the game, creating the feeling that players are experiencing a sparkling diamond space. You feel enchanted in this beautiful space and can't escape.

Increase the difficulty of the game

This version helps you practice your flying ability, this is one of the abilities at medium difficulty level for those who are weak in this part. When you master the practice, take on a more difficult challenge by combining other abilities such as jumping in Geometry Dash Meltdown. The constant transformation of the character in this diverse version can be a bit difficult for newbies but not too difficult for beginners. experienced people.