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Geometry Dash Maze Maps

About Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Geometry Dash Maze Maps is an exciting adventure of geometry controlled by your skillful hands. Quickly explore all the challenging maps this moment!

The game has a total of 12 different levels for you to explore and conquer. To start the game, choose one of any of the levels in the game. In each level, you will control geometric blocks to overcome challenging mazes. The path to conquering the end of each maze has dangerous obstacles, your task is to control the geometric block to overcome all of these obstacles. Through each stage, the geometry will be transformed to adapt to the new environment, so you will see that the geometry will have flexible control through each new environment. Try to adapt quickly to control the geometry through each stage.

Features in the game

Outstanding features in the game are the challenging maze designs after each stage, bringing a new and groundbreaking feeling to players. The ideas for designing these mazes are completely different from color to structure. New move achievements are marked in each level, look at the achievements to continue to fully conquer the levels.

The way to control geometry in the game is extremely simple, it is similar to Geometry Dash Breeze. You just need to click to make the geometry jump. In some environments, hold and release the mouse to control the geometry.