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Geometry Dash Remastered

About to Geometry Dash Remastered

Geometry Dash Remastered is a colorful obstacle course game. Geometric blocks need to be controlled quickly and accurately to overcome the roads ahead.

Just like games like Geometry Dash Lite, in the game Geometry Dash Remastered, you will have to pass the levels to conquer the final destination. This game will be divided into different playing parts. The playing parts are Awakened Dream, To the Horizon, Weird Zone, Made of Scrap, and Descent respectively. These levels of play will be suggested to players from easy to difficult levels. In the game, it can be seen that many new levels have been added, bringing challenges and many new elements to players. Let's find out how each game will take you to a geometric world!

How to play: Click to jump over obstacles

Extremely vibrant additional sound

The game added new music tracks that give players more choices of tunes. There are music tracks that will be extremely interesting. Every time you click a geometric block, a note will sound, helping you clearly feel the rhythm of the geometric block when dancing. All the tracks included in the game have energetic and catchy melodies that make players unable to stop clicking.

Beautiful graphics and effects

The game has beautiful, easy-to-see graphics and enhanced image quality. All obstacles and characters are created in a unique way compared to other Geo games. All the visual improvements help players have new and exciting experiences. Later on you will be surprised with the graphics and a series of beautiful effects.