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Geometry FreezeNova

Geometry FreezeNova is a colorful and rhythmic video game that maneuvers a cube through a variety of levels, each with unique obstacles and music.

Adventure with Geometry FreezeNova

During the game, the square block will move automatically and the player needs to jump over obstacles by touching the screen. The special point is that each movement must follow the rhythm of the music, requiring the player to have concentration and quick reflexes. The goal is to overcome all obstacles without touching them to continue the journey.

FreezeNova provides a flexible and smooth control system, helping players easily navigate the character in a unique geometric environment. Dexterity and quick reaction will be challenged to the maximum, creating a fun and engaging gaming experience.

Specifically about the game modes

Geometry FreezeNova offers ten different game modes, each offering a new and challenging experience. From Spikes Frenzy to Final Lap, each mode has its own unique characteristics, forcing players to adapt and develop their skills.

  • Spikes Frenzy: A challenging mode with the constant appearance of spikes.
  • Glowing Boost: This mode gives the player a special acceleration power, making the square glow.
  • Orbital Thrust: Players will have to control their square block to rotate around the axes, requiring dexterity and precision.
  • Gravity Chaos: Gravity constantly changes in this mode, creating a feeling of instability and unpredictability.
  • Universe of Chaos: A chaotic world with many obstacles and surprises that constantly appear.
  • Blue Rush: The speed of the game increases significantly, requiring extremely fast reactions from the player.
  • Jumping: This mode focuses on jumping, with levels designed to challenge your jumping ability.
  • Black & White: A game mode with a black and white graphic style
  • Flash Frenzy: The light flashes and changes continuously, creating a surprising gaming environment.
  • Final Lap: The final mode where things get extremely difficult, testing players to their limits.