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Geometry Jump World

Geometry Jump World is a Geometry Dash version where you can experience 2 contrasting worlds. A peaceful world and a toxic world are waiting for you to explore.

2 Contrasting Worlds

In this Geometry Jump World game, players can explore two worlds with a total of 11 levels.

In terms of the world, this new game includes 2 worlds: the green world and the dark world. These two worlds have opposing themes. In the first world, players always feel comfortable with the prominent green color. A stream flowing around the world is always a highlight. On the contrary, in the second world, darkness covers the entire island. The stream becomes green and scary. It is unknown what dangers await the players.

In terms of levels, both worlds have 11 levels. The levels become more and more difficult and the second world will be the ultimate challenge. It is similar to the theme of the second world, countless dangers.

Challenges Of Geometry Jump World

In these two worlds, players will face many dangers. However, these dangers have appeared in Geometry Dash Flappy UFO. If you have played Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, you can easily conquer Geometry Jump World.

Speed Of Cube

Your main character is a cube. In Geometry Jump World, your cube can run at high speed. Therefore, the control ability of online players is challenged at high difficulty. The character's speed can change with each level and it can change with each character.

Obstacles Of Geometry Jump World

The obstacles in this Geometry World are similar to previous versions. You also face spikes, blocks, or high walls. There are other obstacles in Geometry Jump World. Move carefully and stay away from these dangerous obstacles!