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Geometry Vertical

About Geometry Vertical

Geometry Vertical is an upward geometry control game. The game requires the player's top obstacle-overcoming skills to conquer every stage.

New world of geometry

Coming to the game, you will explore a geometric world with a different game layout than regular Geo games like Geometry Dash Lite. In this game you will control the geometric block to move up, right and left in the upward direction are a series of dangerous obstacles. Your task is to control the geometry through the stages and reach the final destination in this game. With a different perspective in the upward direction, you will have extremely new experiences when participating in this game.

Respond promptly to geometric changes

The game gives players many interesting changes when controlling geometry through the stages of play. After each stage, the geometry will be changed in structure to suit each stage. So in addition to having quick reflexes to overcome all obstacles, you also need to adapt to changes in geometry through the stages of play. Along with the change in structure, the way of playing and controlling the geometric block will also change. All stages combined will create an attractive, new and lively game.

Geometry Vertical online

You can play Vertical online on all available web browsers or on mobile phones. The game's controls and gameplay are very easy to learn, so the game is very popular and suitable for many different ages. To increase the drama and improve your reflex skills, you can also participate in similar games such as Geometry Dash Meltdown or Geometry Dash Bloodbath.

The following will be detailed instructions on the control keys in the game.

  • Click the right and left arrow keys to move the geometry
  • Click and release the left mouse button to move the geometry
  • Left click on the gold holes to move instantly