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Jacksmith is an action-adventure game where you play as a talented blacksmith, creating weapons for your army to fight against monsters and save the princess.

Become a weapon smith in Jacksmith

Manufacturing weapons

Take steps to forge and create weapons. Collect materials from adventures, including ore, wood, leather, and many other resources. Then, use your blacksmithing skills to craft swords, bows, cannons, and more.

Testing weapons on the battlefield

After each day's work at the smithy, your soldiers will fight against monsters and enemies, using the weapons you have crafted. Participate in dramatic battles, control your hero using the weapons you have created to defeat monsters and other enemies. Fighting skills and the right choice of weapons will determine your success in matches.

Unlock new weapons

Unlock new weapons by completing levels and earning achievements during your adventure. Every time you complete a level, you will be rewarded with some skill points and coins.

Using these skill points and coins, you can unlock and upgrade new weapons in Ganders' shop. You can buy new weapon models to expand your product line and create new weapons. Each weapon model will require a certain amount of skill points and coins to unlock.

Upgrade from Ganders

Ganders, a stylish ostrich's shop, is where you can shop for useful items to aid your adventures. This shop is run by the character Ganders, who will provide you with items and upgrades that can help you in weapon forging and combat such as forging materials such as ore, wood, leather and other resources. other for use in the process of forging weapons; or support items such as health recovery charms, power up charms, treasures and other items that can help you in matches.