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Lobotomy Dash

Lobotomy Dash is designed to be more special than other versions. Immersing in the rhythm and smooth movements is the best way to complete the challenge.

The most unique feature of Lobotomy Dash

This game is a unique game where you control a geometric block through a colorful and challenging world. Different from regular rhythm games like Geometry Dash Meltdown, the game does not require you to have extremely fast reflexes or dance with absolute precision. Instead, this game focuses on you feeling and getting into the rhythm, so that your movements become natural and smooth.

Players will use the arrow keys to control their character to move left or right. You need to overcome many obstacles and difficulties that require precise timing and flexible movements. The game brings laughter and surprises with quirky and funny obstacles spread throughout the levels.

Different graphics and music make this game

The game's graphics have a retro style, reminiscent of classic arcade games. Vibrant colors and cartoon character designs create a fun and exciting play space. The music has a steady, engaging beat, along with sound effects, adding a sense of humor and fun to the game.

Lobotomy Dash is a fun game that challenges players not only in skill but also in their ability to feel music and rhythm. Try your hand at Lobotomy Dash and discover how far you can go in this colorful world!