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Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 brings you exciting and exciting music experiences. Successfully complete the song by pressing the on-screen keys without missing a beat.

Demonstrate your music playing skills in Magic Tiles 3

Hit the notes perfectly

You will see a series of black music tiles moving from top to bottom and you must tap them at the right time as they cross the horizontal line. Each music square corresponds to a musical note and you need to tap it precisely to create the perfect sound. The more correctly you do it, the higher your score, so try not to miss your rhythm.

Each song has a different tempo. There are fast-paced songs for experienced people, and slow-paced songs for newbies. Start with the easiest song and slow tempo to get used to the game, practice a lot to improve your level to become a skilled music player.

Diverse music genres

The game is not simply a music game but also a diverse music collection. You can find popular music genres like pop, rock, classical, EDM and more. From familiar tracks to new and exciting tracks, this game caters to all your musical tastes.

Benefits of this game

The game not only helps players entertain, but it also helps players improve their ability to recognize music, train their musical ears and musical reflexes. By interacting with the music squares in the game, players can capture and touch the exact notes, thereby improving their music playing skills.

Not only that, the game also helps players increase concentration and reflexes. The process of tracking and touching moving music squares requires high concentration and the ability to react quickly, helping to train the player's concentration and reflexes if they want to achieve high scores.