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Metaverse Dash Run

Metaverse Dash Run runs away from being chased by a purple gorilla. Jump over obstacles, collect virtual coins and use power-ups to enhance your abilities.

Endless running journey in Metaverse Dash Run

Entering this endless running journey, you will experience unique pixel graphics and vivid sound, which create an interesting and attractive gaming space. Each play is a new challenge with different obstacles and speeds, requiring players to concentrate and react quickly.

Run away from gorillas

Play as the main character escaping from the giant purple gorilla chasing behind. It constantly follows you and catches up with you if you slow down when encountering obstacles on the road. If the gorilla catches you, the game will be over. To avoid being caught, the best way is not to make mistakes while running away.

Collect money and items

There are many meta coins and power-ups scattered on the road for you to collect. Try to collect all of them on your way, especially the power-ups, they can help you escape from the gorilla without any effort. Some power-ups also help you collect meta coins that you shouldn't miss.

Exchange money and items

Are you wondering what meta money is used for in this game? It has the effect of upgrading items for your next running journey. Upgraded items will appear more often, or have an increased shelf life compared to normal. The more you upgrade, the better your chances of lasting longer in your running journey.