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Monster Rash

About Monster Rash

Monster Rash is a running and jumping game of a geometric monster. Start the game and explore many monster geometric blocks by collecting stars.

The game is designed with a single level of play, but this level will be divided into many different stages of play. Each stage will have different obstacles for you to experience more difficulty as well as practice your jumping skills. With the fast movement speed of the geometry, you need to focus on each move of the geometry so that they do not collide with obstacles. If the geometry hits an obstacle at any stage, you will start playing again from the beginning. If you want to experience a game with more levels to conquer, you can join the Geometry Dash Lite game.

Exciting music in Monster Rash

One of the impressions in this game is the extremely vibrant music, rhythmic and especially inspiring to conquer the game's stages. Feeling the music combined with controlling the geometry will help you feel the excitement when participating in the game. Enjoy this wonderful game space now!

How to play

Use the mouse to make the geometry jump, pay attention to the jump distance and jump position so that the geometry does not jump into dangerous obstacles.