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Paper Dash

Paper Dash is inspired by sheets of paper and the familiar world of the office. Control an agile paper box, overcome obstacles and collect stars along the way.

Complete challenges with Paper Box

Control a paper square through 20 different levels. The goal is to reach the end flag of each level, avoiding falling off the platforms or colliding with spikes. Players need to collect all 3 stars in each level to get a perfect score.

To overcome the challenges, you need to jump single or double jump. Choosing when to jump is very important, because if you jump too early or too late, you may collide with spikes or fall off the platform.

Click the mouse or touch the screen to jump over gaps, avoiding obstacles. However, don't let the game's simple appearance fool you; Each level requires dexterity and quick reactions to pass.

Graphic idea of this game

This game is based on a simple but colorful style, creating a lively and interesting paper world. The highlight of this game is the hand-drawn graphics, it is designed to look like the characters and scenes are drawn and cut from paper, giving the feeling like you are playing in a picture book or a painting. The paintings are handmade.

Each level in this game is created with great detail, using office elements such as pins, tape, and sticky notes, all cleverly combined to create obstacles. objects and play environment. Characters and scenery have real paper-like shadows and textures, adding depth and a realistic feel to the game.