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Save The Dog

Save The Dog is a free puzzle game for mobile devices. The goal is to protect your dog from aggressive bees by drawing lines to create shielding walls.

Save the dog from the bees

In this exciting game, you will experience the thrill and excitement of using your fingers to draw lines on the screen. These lines will become strong walls, protecting your lovely pet dog from the attack of bees.

When the battle begins and the bees arrive, you will have to meticulously draw lines quickly to form solid walls. There are only 10 seconds for you to protect the dog, so be agile and decisive in every stroke.

The bees will attack continuously and try to penetrate the area where the dog is hiding. But there's no need to worry, because the walls you paint will resist this dangerous attack. Make sure your walls are sturdy enough that no bees can penetrate them.

Victory will come when you successfully protect the dog for 10 precious seconds. Make good use of your time and talent to paint the perfect walls and fend off bee attacks. Your dog's safety is in your hands!

Many challenging levels

The game offers a series of levels with increasing difficulty, from protecting your puppy from bees to avoiding other dangers such as lava and spikes. Each new level will be a new challenge, requiring you to use your intelligence and agility to overcome.