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Soccer Snakes

Engaging gameplay of Soccer Snakes

Are you ready for soccer matches with cute snakes in Soccer Snakes? Guide your snake to hit the ball into your opponent's goalpost and earn many points.

In this game, you will join a soccer match of two cute snakes. You need to guide your snake to crawl around and hit the ball. If the ball rolls into your opponent's goalpost, you will score one point. Note that if your snake enters your goalpost, it will get out from your opponent's goalpost. In addition, you can use the ball to attack the snake of your rival. It will get fainted for seconds after being attacked.

How to control

Press spacebar to release the snake.

Press an up key to boost your snake.

PLAYER 1: Use the WASD keys to control your snake to crawl around.

PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to guide your snake to crawl around.

Impressive features of Soccer Snakes

Interesting game modes

This exciting game offers two game modes and three sub-modes. At the start of the game, you can select between two game modes which are CPU Mode and Player Vs Player Mode. If you want to play the Player Vs Player Mode, you should invite your friends to play with you. Then, you can choose between three sub-modes.

  • First To 3: The first game mode is First To 3 which requires you to score thee points if you want to become a victory,
  • Timed: This game mode features the time limit. You need to score as many points as possible within 1 minute.
  • Sudden Death: In this game mode, you will become the winner after scoring one point.

Levels of difficulty

After selecting the game modes, you can choose between two levels of difficulty. They are Easy and Hard. You should try an easy level if you play the game at the first time. Then, you can play the hard level to join the soccer match with a more powerful opponent.