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Stabfish IO

Stabfish IO is an action role-playing game that takes players into the ocean world with sharp dolphins, possessing sharp tusks to hunt and fight enemies.

The battle for survival between Stabfish

Take part in a multi-player arena where each person controls dolphins equipped with deadly tusks. The goal is to destroy the prey and stay away from the opponent's sharp tusks. Each fish you kill will be hung on your tusk like a trophy, and you need to eat food to strengthen and dominate the sea.

The gameplay is simple but challenging, by moving flexibly to attack from behind or next to the opponent. Each time you kill an opponent, your tusks will grow longer, helping you become stronger and bolder in your next attacks.

The battle for survival never ends, only the strong stay and the weak are eliminated, because in a war only one person wins, you will see such fierce competition in Fish Eat Fish, The battle for survival under the ocean but without accompanying weapons.

Outstanding features

Diverse upgrade system

The game offers players a diverse upgrade system with many different types of food, weapons and skills. Players can collect food to increase the size and strength of their fish, equip weapons to attack more effectively, and use special skills to gain an advantage in battle.

Diverse weapons for dolphin tusks

The game has different weapons that you can upgrade when you reach certain levels. Starting with a basic tusk, you can upgrade to a treble staff, cold blade, and chainsaw as you progress through the game. You will experience all the weapons as long as you survive as long as possible.