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Traffic Jam 3D

Drive in this fun game

Traffic Jam 3D is a driving game with realistic graphics. You need to avoid colliding with moving vehicles on the way to conquer this game. Good luck!

Can you drive a car? If you can't drive in real life, you can do this in the virtual world in this game. With realistic graphics, you feel like you're actually driving. You can play the game in first-person or third-person perspective by pressing the C key. Even car crashing bumpers give you the most realistic feeling. With many different modes, you have many different options to experience this game. Don't forget to build an empire for yourself in the game Minecraft.

Experience the different modes in Traffic Jam 3D

This game offers 4 different modes for you including Career, Infinite, Time Agaist and Free. Infinite and Free modes provide endless racing. However, you can earn a certain amount of money by overcoming vehicles at close range in Infinite mode. You need to travel the longest path possible in Time Agaist mode. Time in this mode, you only have a limited amount of time. In Career mode, you will complete some special missions or go to checkpoints. In addition, you can also choose the weather, road type and background in this game. Additionally, you can use the money you earn to upgrade your car. There are many new cars placed in the shop and you can buy them with money.