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Trigonometry Dash

The new version of Geometry Dash game

Trigonometry Dash is the most different version of the Geometry Dash series. You directly control the square to move forward instead of just helping it jump.

This game still has the same background as Geometry Jump. This is a geometric world where everything is made of geometry. The main character is a square that can be destroyed by any obstacle. This game requires good control skills and you must also be patient. Square will not automatically move forward at a fast speed. This makes this game more suitable for beginners. What you need to do is control the square and ensure its safety.

Guide to play Trigonometry Dash

You probably won't need to react quickly because the square's speed depends on your control. Be careful in your every move.

Jump over spikes

The main danger in this game is sharp spikes. They can be chains of tiny spikes hidden in gaps or large spikes right on the road. Although their sizes are different, their dangers are the same. Your Square will break as soon as it touches these spikes. So, gain momentum and jump over these dangers.

Experience many modes

This game has many levels that you can unlock one by one. As long as you go to the blue portal, you can complete normal mode in one level. As soon as you have completed the journey in normal mode, other modes of the level will also be opened. These include Time Attack, Monster Mode, Blind Mode and Mirror Mode. Each mode will give you its own challenges such as you have to reach the goal without checkpoints in Monster Mode.