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Vampire Survivors

Play Vampire Survivors to participate in endless vampire battles with unique skills. Each hero has his own fighting abilities for you to explore.

Action Game On This Webiste

If you are a fan of action games, this Vampire Survivors game is suitable. However, there are many games of the same genre on our website and a good example is Battleship. In this online action game, players will participate in sea battles with 6 warships. Your mission is to destroy 6 enemy warships and protect your own warships.

With this action gameplay, players not only need the fighting ability but also the thinking ability. You need to make effective plans to arrange your ships and judge the location of enemy ships. This Vampire Survivors game is similar as players have to fight off vampires while protecting themselves from dangers. To better understand this action gameplay, let's learn about Vampire Survivors in detail.

Details Of Vampire Survivors

There are two main content about this action game: attack the vampires and protect yourself.

How to Attack Vampires

In this Vampire Survivors game, your opponents are vampires and your mission is to destroy them. To destroy the vampires, you just need to use the available skills of the heroes. Each hero will have their own fighting skills. For example, when you become the hero Antonio, you can use the whip skill to attack vampires. However, if you become Gennaro, you have the ability to use amazing swords.

Note that you need to unlock the heroes to use.

Protect Yourself in Vampire Survivors

The vampires are endless and they always attack you. To protect yourself from these dangerous vampires, you must not only destroy them but also move to avoid attacks. Keep moving, so the vampires can't reach you. Movement does not affect your ability to attack. Instead, it can help you attack more vampires. Therefore, don't hesitate to move as much as possible and protect yourself in Vampire Survivors.