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Entertaining gameplay of Zoo Boom

Zoo Boom is an engaging puzzle game that challenges you to eliminate as many animals as possible. Try to may stars, coins, and the highest score.

Different missions

This game will take you to the zoo where you will meet different missions. You are required to remove animals, free imprisoned animals, and collect coins and statuses. To complete these tasks, you must click on two or more identical animals. Note that you will be rewarded with three stars and many coins after completing a level.

Unlock treasure chests

This game offers two treasure chests which are the level chest and star chest. If you want to unlock the level chest, you must complete 5 more levels. This treasure chest contains many coins. If you want to unlock the star chest, you must earn 20 stars. This chest helps you get more boosters.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to eliminate the animals.

The shop in Zoo Boom

The shop in this game sells seven boosters. These boosters can be purchased by using coins and have different functions. Here is the list of boosters.

  • Landing net: You can use 300 coins to buy the landing net. It can be used to remove any animal from the playing field.
  • Dice: Its price is 750 coins. You can use the dice to rearrange the animals on the playing field.
  • Drill: The drill can be used to eliminate a row of animals.
  • Rocket: You can the rocket to clear a column of animals.
  • Rainbow circle: You can create this booster with 7 identical animals or buy it with 500 coins. You can eliminate all animals that are as similar as the one stuck in the rainbow circle.
  • Butterfly: You can create this booster by merging 5 identical animals. It can eliminate a row or column of animals.
  • Mephitidae: This booster can be used to clear nearby animals. You can create it by combining 6 identical animals or paying 500 coins.