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Introducing the game Among Dash

Among Dash is the adventure of a famous character overcoming many obstacles. Train your key-clicking ability to help the character reach the end of the journey.

Coming to the game, you will experience a completely different space from games with similar gameplay like Geometry Dash Remastered. In the game, you will control the character Among to overcome dangerous obstacles such as high-voltage power stations on a spaceship. Join the game and see how far you will go on this journey!

Among's obstacle overcoming skills

When you start the game, you will see that the pace of the game is quite fast, so reflex skills and the ability to calculate jumps accurately are very important. To avoid colliding with electric poles, you need to determine the exact location to be able to jump over. If you click too fast or too slow you will hit obstacles and will explode. The power lines in the game are sometimes difficult to see, so you should also pay close attention to accurately identify safe locations. The skills in the game are very easy to apply. If you practice hard, you will definitely improve these skills very quickly.

Outstanding features in Among Dash

The game gives players a challenging obstacle course gameplay experience. Besides, graphic and sound elements are indispensable elements. With meticulous staging, the game gives players a realistic feeling about the fear of electric currents in outer space. The realistic sounds and running effects of the Among character give players an engaging feeling.

How to control Among character: Click to make the character jump, click continuously to jump higher.