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Caves FRVR

Caves FRVR is an online game to control your ship in a dark endless cave. You need to move to power stations, avoid obstacles, and collect valuable items.

About Caves FRVR

Welcome to this online Caves FRVR game! This new game focuses on the running gameplay that appears in many other games. A good example is Lobotomy Dash where you control your character through obstacles at high speed. These two games both challenge the players' control ability to fight against dangers. Dangers can come from obstacles, speed, and the map.

This Caves FRVR game is similar because you also face a lot of obstacles. In this new game, you can control the speed of your ship, so the challenge is the obstacle in the cave. To better understand these details, let's learn together in the next section.

Running Game Details

In Caves FRVR, players need to understand the gameplay first.

Caves FRVR Gameplay

Your mission is to control your ship in an endless cave. During control, all players need to meet the following requirements.

  • Avoid all the obstacles in the cave. If your ship collides multiple times, it will explode and the Caves FRVR game will end.
  • Land on the energy platforms to recharge. Your ship has limited energy, so you need to recharge after a while.
  • Collect items such as diamonds, gold, and other items. These items will support and upgrade your ship in Caves FRVR.

Possible Rewards

When you play Caves FRVR, you can receive treasures after each journey. These treasures can contain many upgrade items for your ship. Therefore, players should try to achieve high results to win more valuable prizes.