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Curve Ball 3D

Curve Ball 3D is a new 3D sports game with signature passing gameplay. In multi-dimensional space, your task is to hit the ball against your opponent.

Curve Ball 3D Gameplay

When you play this new game, your task is to use your green platform to hit the ball towards your opponent. When you pass the ball, you need to aim accurately because the 3D space will get you into trouble. Aiming in multi-dimensional space is more difficult than in regular space.

After you hit the ball, your opponent will try to hit the ball back. The two players must pass the ball until someone misses it. With the gameplay of Curve Ball 3D, players can think of the sport of badminton. However, it is more challenging with online 3D space.

Note that this Curve Ball 3D game gives each player 5 hearts corresponding to 5 chances. If you lose all your hearts, the game will end and victory will go to your opponent. Try to win this 3D game!

Tips To Win This 3D Game

To win this Curve Ball 3D game, you need to understand the game controls first.

Controls Of Curve Ball 3D

To control your green board, use your mouse to move. This control way is simpler than Tomb of the Mask. When your board touches the ball, the ball will automatically bounce back and move toward your opponent. However, it is difficult to catch the ball because the 3D space makes it difficult to aim.

Various Hitting Forces

The speed of your mouse movement will affect the way you hit the ball. If you move your mouse fast in Curve Ball 3D, the hit will be stronger and vice versa. You can take advantage of this feature to attack your opponents more effectively.