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Tomb of the Mask

Play Tomb of the Mask to move your cube character through each corner of the maze and reach the final point. Don't forget to collect all the dots along the way.

About Tomb of the Mask

This online game belongs to the running genre to challenge the control ability of all players. In Tomb of the Mask, the players' task is to move to the end and collect all the light dots. Because of this online gameplay, players need to control skillfully. Especially at high levels, there are many challenges such as obstacles and complex structures. Let's learn about these two challenges together in Tomb of the Mask.

The Complex Structure Of The Labyrinth

This Tomb of the Mask game is divided into many levels. Each level is a separate maze and it is not repeated in any other level. In addition, the maze's paths are also very different. The paths intertwine with each other to create a complex maze. It's challenging to control your character and conquer all these corners.

Tomb of the Mask Obstacles

Obstacles are often mounted on the walls of the maze. While you move, if your character touches these obstacles, the game will end and you need to replay that level.

As you know, the maze structure is increasingly complex and so are the obstacles. In Tomb of the Mask, obstacles will become increasingly more difficult to overcome.

How to Conquer This Running Game

The only way to conquer Tomb of the Mask is to control your character and achieve the game's goal. To control, use the arrow keys to move in the maze. This moving way is more complicated than Trigonometry Dash and also much more challenging.