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About Geo Dash 2

Geo Dash 2 is an engaging geometry game with improved pacing. In the game, you can easily control geometric blocks to conquer new levels.

If you have played the Geo Dash version, then with the new version Geo Dash 2 you will also have to go through 5 Worlds full of obstacles. But with this new version, you will focus more on precision than on controlling the tempo of the geometry. This upgraded version will reduce the movement speed of the geometry but will increase the challenge of obstacles. When the movement speed of the geometry decreases, it is a happy signal for those who are having difficulty controlling the speed of the geometry. When the geometry slows down, it will be easier for you to overcome obstacles without slipping after consecutive jumps of the geometry. With reduced movement speed, will you complete levels more easily? Let's start the game now to feel it!

Diverse geometric shapes

An extremely special feature in Geo Dash 2 is the diverse transformation of geometric blocks. In the game levels, there will be many conversion gates. When you control the geometry through these conversion gates, you will be able to change a different geometry. After spectacular transformations, you will gain new experiences with new geometric shapes. Each geometric block that appears represents the playing space at that time. When you conquer all the Worlds in the game, it means you will conquer all the geometric blocks in this game.