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Jumping Shell

Jumping Shell is a cube-control game with transformations of cube characters. Are you ready to transform into magic with shells from small to large?

Transformations Of Cube

In Jumping Shell, you control a cube character to conquer a series of different levels. This cube character can transform from small to large thanks to the shells. There are different shell sizes and you need to collect those shells to transform. However, to fuse with shells, you need to collect shells of the right size. If you collect smaller or larger shells, it is impossible to merge.

This flexible transformation brings excitement to this Jumping Shell game. In particular, it brings about consecutive jumps in the air. As a result, you can jump very high. The more shells you collect, the higher you jump.

Other Details Of Jumping Shell

Besides the transformation of the cube character, players need to pay attention to two other characteristics: levels and function buttons.

Level Of Jumping Shell

This online game includes many different levels with exits. You need to reach these exits to advance to new levels of Jumping Shell. New levels always have higher difficulty than previous levels.

In addition, Jumping Shell's exits are always placed in complicated locations. You need to find the right way to move to reach these challenging positions.

Function Buttons

On the screen of Jumping Shell, you can see 4 function buttons on both sides.

  • The first key on the left lets you exit to the main screen.
  • The second key on the left allows you to restart that level.
  • The third key on the left allows you to mute and unmute the sound.
  • The key on the right gives you helpful hints.

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